Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Complicated

Aha ! So after arriving at Alam , we head straight forward to GSC to check what movie to watch. And the conversation when as follow :

ME            : So nak tengok cita apa ? 

FRENS     : Clash !! ( Clash of the Titans) 

ME            : Laaaa..Clash boring doee..seyes!

FRENS     : Abeh tuu..?

ME            :  Tengok How ( How to Train Your Dragon ) laaa...besss!

FRENS     : Laaaa...How ko dah tengok...x bess r nanti 

ME           : Tak pew, aku kalo cita tu bess, tengok banyak kali pun tak kesah :D

FRENS     : Hmmm..cita lain tak ada? Seram ke? 

ME           : Aku mana lain seram doe. Lagi pun kalo Solomon Kane 18 atas.

FRENS     : Haihhh..Lepasnya, ko kan besar !

ME           : OITT !! hahah 

FRENS    : So cita apa skang ? How ke Clash? 

ME           : How je laaa...sumpah bess !

FRENS     : Ummmm...??

ME           : Okay ??

FRENS     : Hahah tak taw la..It's Complicated laaa !


On Monday, me, Aniq, Haziq, Fahmi..and Haziq ( the other one ) hangout. We first went to our dear old school,
because they needed to bayar some hutang's, MUCH DELAYED HUTANG'S =)

We were suppose to wake up early, well I was suppose to wake up early. I think it was 11am when I did. quite late. haha I know . Because the others plan to play a few round of baskets and having breakfast at Medan that morning. At 10.30am, Aniq call me, " Emil kul 11 gerak " , at that time I was still mamai. So I rush and ready myself. Heck I think I broke my record for getting ready for outing. Usually it takes me about an hour to do so  haha.

So I was down stair, fixing my hair with Lucido-L when Aniq and Haziq knock my door ** I was suppose to meet them at Aniq's, I guess I was pretty late, haha ** .  After spraying my hair we were ready to go :) And guess what, It was Haziq ( the other one ) driving. First I was like " gilerr r , ziq bawak keta besar skang ! " because before this  it was his old Saga with no air-con I tumpang. We stayed in school for quite awhile, It was very nostalgic.

And.....the next post will tell you the rest :DD

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Have a Successful Blog ?

Something I 





S O O N 

:___: "

~like a rainbow i wanna be successful~