Thursday, August 12, 2010

너무 보고 싶었어요


A month ago I decided to keep it simple and clean. But being the stubborn person I am. I decided to tell you how you are the very few which have that special place in my heart  and how...

" You're amazing just the way you are "

Friday, July 9, 2010

Extreme Makeover

Finally my fetish for ORANGE prove to be of good use. 

On another note, received from alya diyana, an A&Q on formspring 

Kalau N pakai tudung, nak lagi tak dgn dia? :P

Let us stroll down memory lane n remember where she first caught my attention, Skola kan :) bertudung kan, and not a hot redhead chick which most guys in Penang will ngada2 want to ngorat her. The Penang guys are just there for her looks, not whats inside her ! >:(

im sure this is a sight to die for in Penang *

Nwe share the same sky. I think of you every time I look at it. 
Wherever you go. Take care of yourself

Monday, July 5, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Am proud to be among the first few people to blog about 
Maroon 5's new single :) 

And its something I could relate to. 
Especially when it goes ...

I am in misery
There ain't no other
Who can comfort me
Your silence is slowly killing me

Enjoy , Ja =D

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Heritage, but in a smaller scale :) this marks the first time me blogging anything else about Love and Life's issues o.O!~

So, Today, went to Melaka, bought a GEMPAK mag, and saw THIS!

*read* Tuah Gundam and Jebat Gundam

Honestly, first time I saw it I thought it was a prank. But upon close inspection, this really is the REAL DEAL! Firstly, I have to say, the design looks pretty good, bit quite out of the norm. But Bandai took a great step to venture on this concept. And I think it totally works!

See, the thing is, ever since modernism came along. Us, Malaysians, tend to forget what great a treasure we have, Our heritage. long long long years of it. So, the idea of a Pahlawan Sangokuden might actually change what youth think nowadays. Silat anyone?

As for me, Im not an avid follower of the Gundam series. As rich as it may be, its not for me. Especially SD ( for whom that don't know, it means Super Deform, weird huh ) But things might just change with this new line of SD Gundams. We'll see :)

nahh nahh some eye candy....

Detail bangat2 do.. ciap ada misai n janggut tuu xD

Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Four Months :

"Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others"
 ~Jacob M. Braude~

I wouldn't say I'm a risk taker. But I do like to play with fate.
I will change as much as I can
In this long period of time
So that I can proof to you
I could be the man for you 
I hope, the next time we meet
You will have a second look at me
the thought of having a relationship with me
Won't hurt you~

If there is one thing University has thought me,
Its I can't love another anymore
This time I am certain
I've never been so certain in my life
I truly am~

As I said before, I'm betting my ass off on fate 
Until we lay eyes again.

Farewell and Good luck

" You know that I could use somebody, Someone like you "

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Gem of a Day

Nazihah Mohd Noh 

.......and Iqram (kecik je nama ko ean) xD

I really really really REALLY!
do not know how to express how happy I am today :) 

Having spend the night before, shaking like a chihuahua. 
I mean, seriously my skin was about to turn white pale
Thinking how today was gonna turn out to be
And honestly, I never felt happier in my life :)

"Absence does make the heart grow fonder "

Naz, having spend a month ( two month's actually =_=, hehe ) 
Not talking to you, has taught me a lot 
Sometimes in life, 
You have to give some to get some

Those 4 weeks, which was like a living hell for me
Gave me time to think back about past mistakes
And for awhile there, I almost thought,
But you proof me wrong, and gave me the time of my life :) 

Ice Lemon Tea
Chocolate Indulgence
...and most importantly, 
Sharing the day with me :)

It sure is nice to see your smile again :)

Awhhh, and the Pondokyou could never go wrong having a belated birthday hangout there :) 
Wonderful, wasn't it, kan kan Naz?

And Naz, maybe yes, 
Although, no pictures were taken today
But I believe

"Our Memories together today are far stronger, and shall and will, face the test of time, for years and years to come, no picture can ever outpower, the strength of the Memories we shared today"

**honestly, regret tak ambil gamba tadi xD**

Let me take this change to ape Taylor Swift for awhile
Today was a fairytale :)

Thanks for EVERYTHING :3

For now, 
Lets get back to the silence again, 
Like you said
"Too much of a good thing could turn out to be bad"

And I guess thats it, I don't know how to write further without this sounding like a love note.
Which, of course it isn't, 
Its A Friend to A Friend Thank You Note 


.........Erk! Oppss, before that, forgot lak you bro, Iqram xD
Without you
a quarter of the things today will not happen
When I get my license, things will surely change!

So, A mammoth of thanks to you too :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday :)

I'd like to thank everyone for their warm wishes :)

Wishes so far : 

Face to Face
Mr.Jiun and the M16's :)
Ivan and Dylan (again) 
Naz :3
Hazirah Wahidin

Text Message
Syamirah ( the FIRST! )
Alya Diyana
Ain Aris

Amira Isa
Naeim Sapian
Nur Hanida
Zahidah Zahit
Cik Kimi
Izzati Sabri kuchi kuchi xD
Calvin Lim
Shobana Nair
Wan Nur Izzaty
Redzalisha Redza
Muizzuddin Mohd Fared
Izyan Syazana
Zara Zal
Aisyah Azhar
Nor Soraya
Anis Ahmad
Norashikin Sazali 
Wan Hanim
Anthony Foong
Nuraishah Hamshi
Tai Foong Lee
Nuramirah Mohd Nor
Hanna Qistina
Hannah Samuel
Amirah Azrain
Chai Sim Por
Feeya Cassiopeia
Dyera Armani
Preveena Pinku
Syazmeen Azman
Aisyah Som
Fatin Nadhirah Hamzan
Ateromen (Effendee)
Nur Ainaa Raihan
Ahmad Fahmi
Felicia Hung
Chong Yee Xuan
Syamirah Pauzi
Faizal Adri ( ciap bervideo )
Amalina Raus
Aufa Najwa
Nani Zamri
Naz , Kmomawo ^^
Nabila Suhaimi
Puteri Qiesha
Aimi Fatanah Saharudin
Hazirah Wahidin
SinYen Lee :)
Muhd Azim
Augustine Foong
Oli May
Masmerah Aziz
Amir Shahid
Azham Aizat
Taseen Phillin
Sheera Khalid
Ariff Zainal Abidin
Aidil Fahmi
Afiqah Ayob
Zatiqa Lea
Syakila Zahari
Hamizah Mustafar
Ain Aris
Sarah Jasmine
Izzati Tan Tuah
Nurul Farhanah
Abigail Choo
Amalina Najib
Hafifa Haider
Zafirah Zafrullah
Hazwan Nazim
Teacher Asmah :D
Raja Azim

87 SUMA !! xD

I do not know why birthday's are such a big deal for me. Surprise party again this year? :)

Thanks again all. Totally Appreciate it . Ja~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fuck You

Seeing how FUCK !! has been a 
vocab reoccurence 
in my miserable life lately. 

I meng-gift-kan this video kpd u , by Lily Allen <3. 

*Nice photoshop mumbo jumbo there rite*

Thanks Fuck You :) 

Alya GEDIK :)

I dunno how and what. But Alya said she tagged me somehow. I dun even know

  W,T...FUCK!! that =..= 

So in the honor of trying to understand Her Petitness. I decided to show you a video that relates to one of her recent entries.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok! 
Tik Tok!
Tik Tok!

haha. no point on hoping nmore 

only a day left

no calls or whatsoever

I'll just take it like any other 
birthday celebs I've 
NEVER had :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I don't know laaaaa

Early on I said of redesigning my blog, Thankfully, blogger recently added a new Design feature. So this is what I have in mind. Do note, this is but an early thoughts of the new layout. Everything else there is still haru hara! hehe

(click to enlarge)

I love the interlaying between the headers and the background itself. Looks cool. But later we see how. As for now, I don't know laaaaaa


Sometimes its nice to hope
Optimism, it gives you a reason to eagerly wait for tomorrow. 
It gives you a drive, you know. 

I, for one, am expecting something to happen. 
After all, after what had happen last year.
Who wouldn't.

But thats the thing, hope
can only bring you this far.
Once that day comes, and you realized everything you hoped for didn't came to be

The only thing that you can do
Is learn to remember to forget
the past few days you faithfully...

(I only have 6 days to fantasize bout stuff, tho at one point, it'll hurt)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Use Somebody

0SweetRevenge0 :
love it when big bands cover eachother. Gives you a fresh take on a song and you may discover you like the cover artist or the song you wouldn't usually listen too. Nice if the bands foster friendships or collaborate as a result too ^^

I know the song is already on my blog. 
But its such a meaningful song, you know. 
And who doesn't love Paramore, rite?

Hayley Williams !!

So, posting this here too laa :) 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A wee bit taste of Uni life

So, I know I'm not suppose to update my blog ( under construction much :P ) Today, is my first day of classes. And probably more and more tiring classes to come. In a nutshell, this is how my day was: 

Ringgssss! Wake ups after the umhth time snoozing the alarm again and again. Wears my kain and off to the bilik mandi, luckily today there was no traffic jam. haha. Walks back to my room, and off we go :D 

Had my breakfast at the mamak in my faculty. Seriously, the dullest breakfast I EVER HAD!!! .....not that i always take my breakfast pun. haha

 TERSESAT tak jumpa klas =,= "

Finally found the lecture room, after some amoi's help me ( they were sesat also, hehe ) And my english lecturer is quite cute. heee

We're suppose to finish our lecture by 11am. But our lecturer let us go early, first day kan. manja2 skang. later, sorry la. haha. So me and my group mates head off to the library.

Around 11 we had our lunch, abit early, I know , but there's a very good reason for that. hee. After a few calls, I finally met my REALLY REALLY LONG LOST FRIEND. and I have to say, she gets prettier day by day. HAHA

.....walks back together...said our goodbyes..and the rest was history 
( a.k.a , I forgot what happened next....heee ) 

Oh, teringat2 jap, THEN!

LIFE DRAWING class, first, we were at this other room, but later had to change cause no air-con =__= . The best part is, they ask us to draw the opposite sex! guys drew girls and vice versa. When I first heard this, I thought, YES! ...heh....heh.....heh...( paham2 jela ) But we end up only drawing their faces, a little HUGE disappointed though. HAHA ;P

So that marks the end of my day...... ^__^ and I don't feel much like blogging la lately. Why? sigh......

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Under Construction

Hey guys, I know what you're thinking and yes. I will not blog for quite some time. Partly cause to prioritize my time for studies and mostly seeing as how my live has been like, so unless you wanna see endless suckfest entries, post and post after another. This is the end for now. Don't worry, I have tonnes to tell. Just not in this layouts....looks so dull rite? 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Living in Sucksville

 Chances if you're reading this, I've probably started my orientation days at MMU

 Thought, I'd love to let this all out. For this once. Thank you.

" Sucks being me "

I know its sounds cliche'. But thats how things seem to be right now. 

Grrr, its tough, not living the life you always wanted. I mean, I've never had things the way I always wish it  were. Don't get me wrong, Its not like I'm not bersyukur with what I have. I do. But its hard though. don't you think? 

My post-SPM life, 

I always had envision it to be something so wonderful, with hangouts and all the great stuff, you know, everything you always had dreamt of during the days before spm.

I never had the opportunity to do what I wanted. Things most teens do after their SPM. Yes, I've felt the tiring hours of working, But that wasn't on my list to do. NEVER IT WAS. All I ever wanted was to take piano and guitar classes, learn to drive, take computer classes, go do crazy stuffs, paintball? hangouts, just LIVING THE LIFE !!

And going slim? I did tried to do that, but soon after that, the one main reason I, wanted to lose with, went afar. It disappeared. I got lose hoping. There wasn't a reason to be that perfect guy anymore. 

And now, the main reason why, It sucks being me. Love...

" It could make you the most kind-hearted guy one second, and a complete jerk the next "

It would be great, if I went under the knife, do some face surgery and maybe even throw in a liposuction while I'm at it. And look like some Random White British Guy !  And I'll would be like:

Hye, aweks, Namah Sayah Adahlah Mr. British Guy ! 

And the girls would be like:

"namah sayah?....Eeeee, CUTEnyaaaaa! ^^ "

I never knew JUST TALKING some plain Bahasa could make you cute thought -.- ""~

No offends to any white british guys I may or may not know out there. This is, of cause, written randomly though. hehe. And hye,  I'm using you're language here, guess who's on the losing team huh =.= "


I'm sooo sick of you guys, so perfectly hot and cute and handsome and brilliant and sporty and all. The whole package laa. Yet, you live so blindly you can't even see the most perfect girl out there loves you, and you went on choosing the hot girl with the miniskirts. All about the sex not love. Dude you're so Stupid! Yeah, you can bashed me all you want, who am I to complain, I can't even get a girl huh. 

In a nutshell, I'm just the same as last year, the same ol' same ol' Emil, the unluckies nice guy ever lived. Soo much for being a nice guy , maybe thats why good peoples turn bad and go maverick. haih.

Sorry If I sounded harsh in this entry, I really am not that guy, Its just, I hate to hate people/ things, and if/when I do learn to hate. Things get messier! Absolutely messier

Sigh. Why am I even blogging this. To you this is just trash right? You could tick the Yawned reaction all you want, for all I know, my life, I'm pretty much dead !

Apologizes, Bye!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Its Saturday, and unfortunately, its that time of the year again where I, berkabung TT.TT , lol, No lah. But it is sad thought. Cause I'm finally going to college ( of all places ) sigh. I'll surely miss the holidays..


Its been one hell of a holiday thought, but I'll skip that and zoom to the main point of this entry, The Goodbyes :)

I'm not really good with goodbyes. I hate the feeling of leaving someone behind or being left by. Hee. But here goes. A very simple byebye message :)

I'd like to say thank to all my friends, the S2 family, even the S1's , everyone in Form 5 last year,  and also every each person that I've luckily been cherished with your humble acquaintance. cewahh. haha.

My former Teachers, thank for making me go this far. It was tough though, but it was worth the craziness. hehe.

To my family, Mama, Tatay, Nenek, Kakak. Emil akan cuba belajar berdikari kat sana nanti k :) 

Friends, Teachers, My family, everyone! I'll surely miss all of you. 
( sounds like I'm continuing studying overseas lak kan, padahal dekat je. HAHA ) 

Ummm, I'll leave you with something I know I do best. Smile.. 

The Kakak with a lot of Nicknames

Firstly, I have to say, I don't usually do dedications. Cause I will terpesong and make it sound a wee bit romantic when I'm suppose to say thanks je. But I'll make this an exception, So...( drum rolls)  I'd like to say thanks to Kak Nad !

" LOL, I wish/wanted to put a picture of you, but then that'll mean I have to save a picture of you in my computer. But that sounds kinda stalkerish. haha. So I thot a picture of peaNuts will do just fine :D "

I know its not much, but thanks a lot for "layaning" my boringness everyday since last Sunday. Sorry paksa2 you chat with me everynight. LOL. but yeah, tq. You did gave me a few smiles la. And I sure hope I did the same to you too. Masing2 tengah emo kan time tu, haha kiddings :PP

You've certainly inspired me, also gave me some silly ideas to blog, Noona ;P You know, you actually have some really badass advices in that humongous head of yours. hehe. Maybe cause you read a lot. ehem bookworm! ehem ;P Yet, you still have a thing for games, and not cutesy2 once, but HORROR GAMES! haha. Kalo tak boleh je I join you sekali maen game seram. But of cause, ehem, I "malas" laa nak main game2 seram ni ( dengan suara yang macho dan berlagak ) HAHA. If and when you've bought the Guitar Hero set, you know who to ajak :) hee

Also, cheers for your new craze for plushies ^^ Ntah sape la yang mempengaruhi kak tu. He must be sooo proud xD Domo Domo ! haha

Yea, I might sound like I get too attach with someone quickly. Being in a very very small family, with little to no close cousins at all. Maybe thats why I seem to be quite close to you. You're easy to talk to, and you've certainly proof to be a nice sister to chat with :) Awwwhhh. LOL :D 

See see Nad! dah sound cam berbunga2 da ean, tula sebab tak suka wat dedications. HAHA. But, for what its worth....

Thank - You - Very - Much !!

erk, asthma asthma..uhuukkk ;p