Monday, March 29, 2010


Hahah tengok tajuk pun dah taw something's wrong. lol

Act that was something Kyuhyun said, or almost sound as. haha . Yupp thats right im talking bout


The concert I really wanted to go but didn't . haha

With advice from a very "caring" kakak or the " One with a thousand nickname's " from fb that I've come to know LOL . 

she saying : u gotta FEEL it...

I decided to check out some Fancam's of the concert :)

one word : SUPER HEBAT !! 

Indeed, for a Super Junior fan such as myself. Not going to the concert was like " Super Rugi " . I mean bila lagi dorang nak turun Malaysia lagi kan ? 

But then I thot, What's the point of going to it if I can't spend it with anyone special? tada ! haha cewahhh :)

Cuz I'll be like " Super Bosan " if I was alone . Jerit cam fangirl x sedar diri sorang sorang ! =,= haha 

Who knows maybe next time i'll go kan. And that'll be the most " Super Malam " i'll have, xDD 

So watching this fancam's pun the cukup la untuk alas perut ni . ahaxx. 

Dan kpd sape yang dapat pagi taun ni tuu, IM SOOOOOO JELESSSS OF UUUUUUUUUU !!!!!! xDD

Now say Sorry Sorry to me ! ahakssss 

Oh yea n to those yang x bape kenal Super Junior and wish dah kenal before
this is a link for their groups bio's
Enjoy :)


tea tag

I really don't know why I love them 
But I do


Saturday, March 27, 2010


On the 28th, a sad sad day it will be, 
I will see them come and go,
Leaving for PLKN ini,
But worry not, in a few months
We'll see them lose many many kilo
And further their studies,
With alot lot of pinjaman's


Here's to my friend's leaving for PLKN. Iqram , Atiqah, Nazirul and....ummm....etc ^^ 

** yang laen x sure cuz ramai dapat Intake 3. haha sori **

Thus I like to say a few last words for each of them: 

To Iqram : I know you love your long hair, as so much as to marry it ( the hair ) and do very wrong things with it . hahah . kiddin2 . Have fun bro !!

To Atiqah: Don't worry, people with clear white skin can alwayss return white again after taking PLKN. Altho I know you don't matter about that much . Take care taw ^^

To Nazirul: Kedeng la ko lepas ni !! hahaha. Ummm altho you are quite slim alrighty but still tembam. lol . Jaga diri baik baik ya !!

Also shout outs to Juju and Zora ! we didn't become close last year but still..Enjoy your 3 months there and take care while your there k :) 



** balik balik nanti cmni la korg ** 



YEA !! The DAY has come ! EARTH "freakin ecological" HOUR !! how cool is that, haha

So guys, don't forget to TURNED OFF the lights n any electrical appliances right at 8.30 PM =D 

For an hour jew, tak lama pun. Dunno what to do while waiting ? Ummmm sit and stare at the stars ke ? Free TV wat . haha

But for me, I'm planning for a great great great One Hour tonight ^^...

Aha ?!! wat is it? A candlelight dinner with a special sumone?? who knows??!!! hahaha 

So guysss have fun tonite, hangout with frens and family. Hey, its a night to share, so...SHARE :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


So yesterday I went to Alam ( cam da xda tempat laen jew kan ) to watch this muvie :


Ummm acely tak plan, but  Tiqa ajak Haziq and ask me soh teman ( girl2 S1 feel free to gossip . haha ) but they do seem to be close, haha . Now to the muvie lak, as i've said b4 da banyak kali curi tgk muvie ni time keje. So da agak paham la storynya. Ok ok muvie , got Jackie Chan wat :D

After that , lepak2 n now to the main title, HAIR SPRAY . Been eyeing on this for quite a long time.


Firstly, ITS PINK !!  how cool is that. HAHA . Honestly i've never thot of buying any spray at all. Heck this is my first. But since my hair is super long now, I thot wat the heck. Stylo2 la b4 PLKN nti. haha. glerr sehh.
Pastu botak2 un pakai spray =,= . Special thing bout this spray is, its green apple scent. yeah. Its pink and it smells green. kikiki . So today i want out wearing pink also ( didnt take picture, sorry2 ). 

But the funny part is, I dun noe how to use a hairspray. Even I juz spray rambut jatuh gak. grrr. I should meet my friend, Ekin. She's a pro on this stylo2 thingy kot. Wants her to VISUAL KEI me !! glerr kan, imagine that. So see u soon than ^^""~~


( me, after ekin holds my hair, all sweaty and baju koyak2, OMG HAHA ^^ )