Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thoughts for 2009

It's like the leaves on a tree. Falling down at each passing second, each passing day. This leaves, Memories I call them. One which will be blown by the wind. And one which I manage to gasp. Is forever...My Eternal Memories.

Hmmm 2009, a year to remember indeed. Alot of memories here. Bittersweet much. At one point It's that year where people just get stressed out 24/7. We often go to the library to study and such. U know tuition everynight. Indeed a stressful year. But in a way, this moments
are the ones we'll remember for an eternity. Moments like this we cherish together. Nothing could take that away from us. God, I MISS SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!

Kay, enuf with the Shakespeare stuff. This year I would say it's a year where I found myself .....RAGING HORMONS !!! hahaaha ;P

I mean awal tahun I keep blabbering to myself "nak awek..nak awek". Then tiba2 almost got one. Cam Law of Attraction lak. ahakss. Soon I self-taught myself, love really makes people do bizzare things! I mean I collected enuf money to buy a cake ! and throw a birthday party ! at the middle of August ! WOW crazy isn't it. One of the 2009 moments i'll never forget ( and I hope she will too ) :D
All in all , 09 was a remarkable year. Being a senior. Lepaking with friends. Building my confidence. Finally getting close with the other students of Form 5. Having my SECOND CAMP of my entire high school. Visit Melaka. Getting the Best Performer. and maybe tons more awards along the process. And the only reason why this blog post isn't as long as people would think it would be , cuz..



First Day at Work !!

Alrighty then, hmmm how should I start this. Well, my first day of work is some sort of like terus kena campak ke dalam battlefield. U'll see wat I mean later, hee. First I went to the food counter sebab nak tanya position aku kat neh. Sampai2 jew he ask me..

Concession eh? Concession eh?

I was like what the ..!! heck apa la concession tuu ? recession kot ...blur2 teramat

Then he bring me to the office to Punch In ( yeah my first punch card ! )
Afterwards we went back to the Con-ces-sion. I pun apa lagi I greeted them all with a smile <--DIMPLE2. Selesai sudah my supervisor a.k.a Afifi a.k.a KAKA a.k.a SIR ask Izuwan ( the guy yang tolong punch in tuu ) to show me the basics.

THEN!!!! terus I had to go layan customer dengan masih blur2nya . Like battlefield laa. hee

Nwayss heres a bit of biodata bout my seniors

  • Izuwan ~ very funny guy. and sometimes cam kerek jew. ada gaya2 from spanish....basuh jadi basulllllll.
  • Azim ~ First senior I have to backup. Mula2 pk dia abg rupa2nya Form 4 jew. He's a joker.hee
  • Fahim ~ Senior yang paling cam matang sekali. Committed giler kat keje r. But cool jew.
  • Shahril ~ People call him "Panjang" . I guess u can know why. Senior paling tenang skali. Walaupun rmi customer muka relaks jew.
  • Asri ~ haha this one cam sengal jew. Mula2 nk kenal tuu muka gangster jew. Salu gak buli aku first day. Cth , weh! backup la ! . Last2 abang ni cool jew. Saje nk testing aku kan. hee
  • Afiqah ~ Gf Izuwan. Time2 xda customer dating jap la gak dorang tuu. ahakss. Cumel gak r. AGAIN!! mula2 pk kakak rupanya Form 4 gak. cehh
  • Al-Hafiz ~ Popper and Hotspotter. Muka cam alim. hee
  • Badri ~ Popper fulltime kot. Badan dia mmg tough. Tapi x ganas. hee
  • Sabarina ~ People call her SABA. And it suits her cuz dia pun cakap cam orang sabah. haha. seyesly
  • KAKAK ~ This one I didn't catch her name. Tapi memang caring doe akk ni. Siap panggil aku cumel agi. hee
  • Tiqa , Fifa, Ferina, Zati ~ My seniors yang most people already know. So no further intro needed . haha ;p
Orite ! ni la antara seniors yg aku kenal time first day ni. More to come, obviously. In a way I came back home feeling EXHAUSTED GILER !!!!!!!!! but i guess thats part of the experience kan. K gahh .

hehehe..heres a photo I sempat took after punching out..yeah Dimples !!


Monday, December 28, 2009


"On the first day of visiting Melaka, my friends said to me..Try the Asam Pedas, Try the Asam Pedas. And I'm sure you will be satisfied I guarantee"

"At that evening of the first day, we wanted to go to Jonker Walk. But detour let us to a restaurant. So I decided to guess it obviously..the Asam Pedas. It was a indeed great meal as we were also accompanied by the crew of Remaja TV3"

"On the second day of visiting Melaka, I regret eating the Asam Pedas cuz later the whole morning I cirit-birit. Lucky it didn't last long because later we went to Bandar Melaka. Every possible historical spot we went on foot. Nak naik kapal besar tuu ! Afterwards, we sat and drank a bowl of Cendol.....

"On the night of day two , we had a BBQ...."

Uno Wordo !! TERGEMPAK !!!

" On the last day of visiting Melaka, we went to the "Melaka Pavi". ahakss. So money great stuff it could drive someone crazy, especially the fashion frenzy ;P

Melaka was a blast !!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tangan Hijau

Taman Botani

Aaaaaa , it's been years. Lama x gi sana. Everything's changed. Last time I went there ada banyak pokok. Now! even more pokok. Wow! don't you just love nature :D