Sunday, May 30, 2010

Living in Sucksville

 Chances if you're reading this, I've probably started my orientation days at MMU

 Thought, I'd love to let this all out. For this once. Thank you.

" Sucks being me "

I know its sounds cliche'. But thats how things seem to be right now. 

Grrr, its tough, not living the life you always wanted. I mean, I've never had things the way I always wish it  were. Don't get me wrong, Its not like I'm not bersyukur with what I have. I do. But its hard though. don't you think? 

My post-SPM life, 

I always had envision it to be something so wonderful, with hangouts and all the great stuff, you know, everything you always had dreamt of during the days before spm.

I never had the opportunity to do what I wanted. Things most teens do after their SPM. Yes, I've felt the tiring hours of working, But that wasn't on my list to do. NEVER IT WAS. All I ever wanted was to take piano and guitar classes, learn to drive, take computer classes, go do crazy stuffs, paintball? hangouts, just LIVING THE LIFE !!

And going slim? I did tried to do that, but soon after that, the one main reason I, wanted to lose with, went afar. It disappeared. I got lose hoping. There wasn't a reason to be that perfect guy anymore. 

And now, the main reason why, It sucks being me. Love...

" It could make you the most kind-hearted guy one second, and a complete jerk the next "

It would be great, if I went under the knife, do some face surgery and maybe even throw in a liposuction while I'm at it. And look like some Random White British Guy !  And I'll would be like:

Hye, aweks, Namah Sayah Adahlah Mr. British Guy ! 

And the girls would be like:

"namah sayah?....Eeeee, CUTEnyaaaaa! ^^ "

I never knew JUST TALKING some plain Bahasa could make you cute thought -.- ""~

No offends to any white british guys I may or may not know out there. This is, of cause, written randomly though. hehe. And hye,  I'm using you're language here, guess who's on the losing team huh =.= "


I'm sooo sick of you guys, so perfectly hot and cute and handsome and brilliant and sporty and all. The whole package laa. Yet, you live so blindly you can't even see the most perfect girl out there loves you, and you went on choosing the hot girl with the miniskirts. All about the sex not love. Dude you're so Stupid! Yeah, you can bashed me all you want, who am I to complain, I can't even get a girl huh. 

In a nutshell, I'm just the same as last year, the same ol' same ol' Emil, the unluckies nice guy ever lived. Soo much for being a nice guy , maybe thats why good peoples turn bad and go maverick. haih.

Sorry If I sounded harsh in this entry, I really am not that guy, Its just, I hate to hate people/ things, and if/when I do learn to hate. Things get messier! Absolutely messier

Sigh. Why am I even blogging this. To you this is just trash right? You could tick the Yawned reaction all you want, for all I know, my life, I'm pretty much dead !

Apologizes, Bye!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Its Saturday, and unfortunately, its that time of the year again where I, berkabung TT.TT , lol, No lah. But it is sad thought. Cause I'm finally going to college ( of all places ) sigh. I'll surely miss the holidays..


Its been one hell of a holiday thought, but I'll skip that and zoom to the main point of this entry, The Goodbyes :)

I'm not really good with goodbyes. I hate the feeling of leaving someone behind or being left by. Hee. But here goes. A very simple byebye message :)

I'd like to say thank to all my friends, the S2 family, even the S1's , everyone in Form 5 last year,  and also every each person that I've luckily been cherished with your humble acquaintance. cewahh. haha.

My former Teachers, thank for making me go this far. It was tough though, but it was worth the craziness. hehe.

To my family, Mama, Tatay, Nenek, Kakak. Emil akan cuba belajar berdikari kat sana nanti k :) 

Friends, Teachers, My family, everyone! I'll surely miss all of you. 
( sounds like I'm continuing studying overseas lak kan, padahal dekat je. HAHA ) 

Ummm, I'll leave you with something I know I do best. Smile.. 

The Kakak with a lot of Nicknames

Firstly, I have to say, I don't usually do dedications. Cause I will terpesong and make it sound a wee bit romantic when I'm suppose to say thanks je. But I'll make this an exception, So...( drum rolls)  I'd like to say thanks to Kak Nad !

" LOL, I wish/wanted to put a picture of you, but then that'll mean I have to save a picture of you in my computer. But that sounds kinda stalkerish. haha. So I thot a picture of peaNuts will do just fine :D "

I know its not much, but thanks a lot for "layaning" my boringness everyday since last Sunday. Sorry paksa2 you chat with me everynight. LOL. but yeah, tq. You did gave me a few smiles la. And I sure hope I did the same to you too. Masing2 tengah emo kan time tu, haha kiddings :PP

You've certainly inspired me, also gave me some silly ideas to blog, Noona ;P You know, you actually have some really badass advices in that humongous head of yours. hehe. Maybe cause you read a lot. ehem bookworm! ehem ;P Yet, you still have a thing for games, and not cutesy2 once, but HORROR GAMES! haha. Kalo tak boleh je I join you sekali maen game seram. But of cause, ehem, I "malas" laa nak main game2 seram ni ( dengan suara yang macho dan berlagak ) HAHA. If and when you've bought the Guitar Hero set, you know who to ajak :) hee

Also, cheers for your new craze for plushies ^^ Ntah sape la yang mempengaruhi kak tu. He must be sooo proud xD Domo Domo ! haha

Yea, I might sound like I get too attach with someone quickly. Being in a very very small family, with little to no close cousins at all. Maybe thats why I seem to be quite close to you. You're easy to talk to, and you've certainly proof to be a nice sister to chat with :) Awwwhhh. LOL :D 

See see Nad! dah sound cam berbunga2 da ean, tula sebab tak suka wat dedications. HAHA. But, for what its worth....

Thank - You - Very - Much !!

erk, asthma asthma..uhuukkk ;p


Youth 10

One word : 

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !! 

Those that haven't had the opportunity to come to this event yet, Your missing a lot and you have until tomorrow to do so. Its exactly what YOUTHS want! Its its....




Now, lets zooming to the highlight of the festival! 

And I'll just let the pictures do the rest :) 

Yo Yo! The one and only, Hafiz!

I look like one of them kan xD
(IMO, the one at my left is Cute, and the one behind my sis is Hot! hehe ) 

And this was random. haha. one of the WaKakakians :)

P.s. Honestly, I'm soooo exhausted, thats why I let the pictures tell the story this time. HAHA

Thanks ^^Y

Friday, May 28, 2010

Its hard labelling CLOUDS

Updates again, a few hours ago my sister showed me this thingy on her blog called as a cloud. Apparently, its like this mash of posts that you label with certain names like cartoon stuff, so and so forth. Knowing that, I thought it was a pretty nit whachamadoo. Hence, I've added em. And started labelling ALL my previous post TT_TT.

For now, it does seem Love and Thoughts has the most entries. Shows how much messed up my life is currently right now huh? Oh well, in the future, perhaps labels like Music and Movie Maniac will increase with quite a tremendous amount. Cause I'm really into those stuff. hehe.

So, ok for now, I hope it will help for those wandering readers who just happen to pass by my blog to get a good read :)

Thank a lot and I will leave you with this song, A Lover's Concerto. Its a very lovely and wonderful song. Hope you enjoy. Goodnights ^^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lets Digitize : Part 2

Nice tak logo ni? A while back I posted of what seems to be a new series of Digimon ! Since then, I have been hunting info's about this new series. Turns out it is indeed called, Digimon Xros Wars. The story goes as follow:
One day, a Digimon Xros Leader appears before Taiki, an exceptionally warmhearted seventh grader, along with Shoutmon's voice, asking for his help. The D Xros Loader is an essential item that is capable of transferring power to Digimon by means of "DigiXros". He was chosen as a "General" to control it. Taiki and his friends are thrown into a parallel universe, the Digital World. 

Due to the appearance of rivals and enemy Digimon, the Digital World has been driven into a state of "Xros Wars", a large-scale war with battles like those of the Sengoku period. Taiki and Shoutmon form a Digimon Army using the D Xros Loader and battle against formidable opponents with "DigiXros"

as extracted from :

Like any other digimon series, this one is also filled with cheesy but cool names, and also, new DigiDestines. And most importantly , NEW DIGIMONS! :) 

Update's will come soon, till then, enjoy this eye candy poster ~


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Remaking the Perfection

Seharian aku dok depan laptop ni memikirkan apa nak diblogkan untuk hari ni. HAHA, and FINALLY! teringat lak sal this very underrated band from America..

If you guys wanna know more about them, this is their facebook page:

Although, I'd personally recommend you to open their myspace page 
( much better! )

I remember the day I first stumble upon this band. Actually I was trying to search for a korean rock band. Yela mana taknya, hari2 dok dengar K-Pop je. Boring la kan. And it turns out , there aren't many. I mean, its like the zaman rock kapak  dah berlalu kat korea ( sama la kat Malaysia kan , hehe ) Dah search sana search sini, terserempak lak dengan band Royal Pirates. And what attracted me the most about them, was that they cover a lot of k-pop songs. HAHA. Proofs Korean music xkan lari jaoh dari kpop ;]

So since at that time, I was really into Suju's Sorry Sorry , I listened to their Sorry2 cover and it was kinda wow! Check this out: 

And if that didn't rock you enough. Try this lak ^^

So, Hook up yet? ;] 

If you are, you really should listen to some of their other covers like, this , that and those!

They even do Britney Spears !! HAHA

But don't be mistaken, they also make their own songs. And are in the right path to be a star one day. Hopefully, more people will like their music. Ok , so before I go, I'll let you "disappear" with this song first :)

Thank You's ^^Y

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


As quoted by Yaya :

~ It has been Five months being at home. And Five more days to be away from the humble abode. Time's getting scantier each day. Somehow, being inadequate of what is ought to happen in the forthcoming days isn't a nice feeling at all. A little intimidated to the monumental transformation coping on the Educational Institution way of life later on. ~

I couldn't agree more, and unfortunately, I don't feel much like blogging today. sigh :(

I'll leave you with this music video by Big Bang : Tell Me Goodbye

~ Adieu amigos ~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Uber! So-So, Yawned

Really quick update! I've just added something new on my blog : 

editing sponsored by Alienware!! )

Its call a "reaction survey", now you actually show what you thought about my latest entry, whether it is : 






HAHA, cool stuff eh? So from now on, do tick on either this 3, so I could see if you like my posts or not.

You could also rate some of my stuff from the yesterdays. Like :

Life of A Popper 
Whats behind my name 
Humor myself 
Saya Sayang Komawo Semua 
 and many more 

Here's to improving myself

Thnx :) 

Nunan Neomu Yeppeo :)

Recently, I was asked by a senior of mine :

" what you think if, noona couple dengan junior? " 

And honestly, if she were to ask me that same question last year, I would reply :


You see, there is always this thing that discomforted me when a guy is with a girl twice his age. It seem kinda wrong, back then laa. Macam, hmmm, ntahlaa camne nak cakap eh? hehe. But that was back then, last year, now I seem to accept that idea. Maybe dah matang kot? HAHA

I mean, we have seen young girls marrying man as old as their fathers rite? ( ehem ehem Datuk K ehem ehem ) So why not guys marrying girls as old as their moms, or even grannies rite? YUCKS!

All I can say is, " Cinta tidak mengenali usia " cewah ;PP

Although I'm still more so to the idea of " sebaya la best kan " Especially if she's your highschool sweetheart, kan3? :)  

Ok, enough fantasizing for tonight. I wanna show you guys a video, especially to the noona's out there. To the  kakak2, noona2, sister2 out there, I advice, before a junior wants to have a special relationship with you. Ask him to sing this song, you noona's boleh demand lebih2, sebab lagi tua kan, haha kiddins ;PP

Also, I've been meaning to cover that song since I first heard it. But ada twist sikit, wanna cover it on the piano :) It'll be dedicated to a friend of mine, whom is nuts about Taemin, one of the group's ( Shinee ) member. So wait up for that ok, which probably won't be soon since I don't have a decent piano and a camcorder yet. HAHA 

So until I could properly hit the C note and not the A not at the same time and learn whether "chord" is pronounce "code" or "court" , you might wanna see some random stuff  I've posted on my youtube channel. There's not much (yet) But soon :) 

Enjoy the video, Noona's ^^

Nuts Nuts you are Nuts. LOL x33

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday? You mean Sad-day

A quick update from an entry from before : Obviously. you are Pretty

Previously I could't find the "embed" button from youtube. The music video of Super Junior's new single, Bonamana.

So I'll post it here ( yeah, to people who get annoyed by me, I want to post it here, lantak aku lah, boohoo. fuck off! Thnx you :D )

And today is Sunday, also known as Sad-day for me. The start of the silence week officially begins now!

For more details on that, entries from below will tell you a lot. And GOD! is it soo wrong for a guy to get sentimental for a day?!

Haters belah! Readers I welcome you. Thnx a mil :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lets Digitize : Part 1

Just a quick note, I've read it on Gempak quite some time ago, but I'd seen the trailer just now. What I'm talking is about, my childhood anime sweetheart, DIGIMON ! 

Here's a video of some of the new digimons of the new series. I'm still not sure of what the main plot is. The video below is a trailer for this game, perhaps one of those japan arcade card games like DinoKing and MushiKing. Enjoy :)
Please leave a comment below should you not able to watch the video or this post looks weird with too much space between paragraphs. 

Thnx :)

If limes were made to blend with pineapples

Note to all my readers, Allow me to get sentimental for just this one post. Its nothing big, but I'll have to use this medium for just this once. You can carry on reading this. But I suggest you check out some of my other entries. Thank you :) 


" If a pineapple was translated to malay, Then this is to you "

Honestly , I always knew the month of May was gonna be the start of hell to me. There was always this feeling I had, knowing everyone will go on, and meet new friends, and change along the process. But that wasn't the reason why I thought May wasn't the month for me. For that one time, I thought, it was cause of a certain May, I thought, you will fall for real this time . 

We have talk about this, If we are ordering a drink, you would like Milo , and I would hate to order that too. I hated those moments thinking about it. But:

Similarities are the best, but opposites are the greatest. right? 

If you haven't been counting, it has been 3 weeks since we last talk like we used too, and by next week, completes a month, and May is what it is, a month I will dislike to remember. It is true thought, one once said:

" One often finds his destiny in the path to prevent it "

Since last year, we've been talking about this "Silence" thing, so we could talk normally again, without the bad feeling you had keep passing your mind. And honestly, I did, tried to prevent that, I never did want the days of silence to begin. Cause I never wished for a day not talking with you. And look at where we are now? 

I know its nothing. We both know its nothing much. This happens, to help us both see, how it was before July and August, before the debates , before that evening we talk in the school plaza, before 2010~

But, I can't help but wonder, for example's, the birthday hangout I always wanted? and movies, Toy Story 3? Things will changed. And I foolishly tried to prevent them happening. I promise, things will change, cause even  I would not want to live in the past, at least not this one.

As humans, I believe now, 

 " Its not in our power to control our future "

For now, I wish you the best of luck, furthering your studies wherever you are, you are special and some guys will take advantage of that, ignore them. Take care of yourself. Meet you again sometime soon :)

Farewell  , Ja~ ^^Y


btw, the picture of the kitten doesn't imply this post was about it, 
I thot it a was sweet and cute picture
just like our memories

On Top of the Universe

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Unfortunately, its that time of the year again, where another bunch of my friends are leaving for college. Being that my entry to MMU is on the 30th of this month, I have seen a lot of them gone. Its ain't a nice feeling though. Its never a good feeling to have, knowing everyday you're gonna "lose" another friend and another and another.

But this time, Well maybe its a bit different. Cause maybe this time, I might not be able to meet them even on sem break. Maybe even for a year or two. I believe some of my friends are studying overseas. So it must be hard to meet again, although I don't mind the extra international calling charges, but I guess, all we have now is Facebook huh? 

UiTM alone is a prestigious University, well known nationwide. Everyone would like to study there. Most top students enrolled there, and few of my friends back from school, are. 

UiTM Puncak Alam Campus, I have read about this place, and it does seem to be a great place to further our studies. It would be great if I could study there too. Just looking at an artist impression of the Main Library building tells you a lot. 


Someone, anyone, thats going for Foundations study this Sunday, do give me a tour there sometimes, And I'll give you a tour at MMU :) perhaps treat a pineapple juice too~

"People come and go. Soon in life, we have to learn goodbye's will never end. Sucks but thats life "

Although, even wherever we might end up to, we"ll always be friends right 



Thursday, May 20, 2010


 " A scattered dream
That's like a far-off memory

  A far-off memory 
That's like a scattered dream "

I want to line the pieces up

Yours and mine

It takes a second to remember something great in our lifes , but it takes hours to forget them 

 Sometimes, in the process of forgetting something/someone dear to us, 
we occupy our hours with things that makes us happy

Blogging, for instance 
Something I have pick up again recently
 It doesn't do much, but it helps 

No one wants to forget the past, 
But if one realise its going to only do harm in the future
One must learn to forget~

Bunyi macam dilema sangat kan. hehe. But this is to the guys and girls that are trying to move on. It ain't easy, but It'll help you face the hardships in the future.

Speaking of forgetting, SHREK FOREVER AFTER is in theaters today! I like the chubbier Puss in Boots, reminds me of my neighbour's cat , Pikachu :)

It tells of Shrek making a deal with the devil a.k.a Rumpelstiltskin ! As far as I know, this is what happens:

Rumpelstiltskin ask: If given one day, what would Shrek want to relive again?

Then Shrek said: The glory days of him being an Ogre!

So, the wish was granted, but in return, 'Stiltskin took the day Shrek was BORN! Thus, making everyone, including Princess Fiona, forget Shrek even exist. Shocking huh, I simply can't wait to see the crazy bunch again but with their upside down twisted world now. I hope its gonna be great :) 

"making everyone, including Princess Fiona, "forget" Shrek even exist"

See! dah masuk balik dalam main title, hoho. Dahsyat tak, boleh cerita dua benda dalam satu tajuk. HAHA

Btw, do catch it guys, Shrek 4. Tell me what you think about it. Till then.

Thnx :)