Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Gem of a Day

Nazihah Mohd Noh 

.......and Iqram (kecik je nama ko ean) xD

I really really really REALLY!
do not know how to express how happy I am today :) 

Having spend the night before, shaking like a chihuahua. 
I mean, seriously my skin was about to turn white pale
Thinking how today was gonna turn out to be
And honestly, I never felt happier in my life :)

"Absence does make the heart grow fonder "

Naz, having spend a month ( two month's actually =_=, hehe ) 
Not talking to you, has taught me a lot 
Sometimes in life, 
You have to give some to get some

Those 4 weeks, which was like a living hell for me
Gave me time to think back about past mistakes
And for awhile there, I almost thought,
But you proof me wrong, and gave me the time of my life :) 

Ice Lemon Tea
Chocolate Indulgence
...and most importantly, 
Sharing the day with me :)

It sure is nice to see your smile again :)

Awhhh, and the Pondokyou could never go wrong having a belated birthday hangout there :) 
Wonderful, wasn't it, kan kan Naz?

And Naz, maybe yes, 
Although, no pictures were taken today
But I believe

"Our Memories together today are far stronger, and shall and will, face the test of time, for years and years to come, no picture can ever outpower, the strength of the Memories we shared today"

**honestly, regret tak ambil gamba tadi xD**

Let me take this change to ape Taylor Swift for awhile
Today was a fairytale :)

Thanks for EVERYTHING :3

For now, 
Lets get back to the silence again, 
Like you said
"Too much of a good thing could turn out to be bad"

And I guess thats it, I don't know how to write further without this sounding like a love note.
Which, of course it isn't, 
Its A Friend to A Friend Thank You Note 


.........Erk! Oppss, before that, forgot lak you bro, Iqram xD
Without you
a quarter of the things today will not happen
When I get my license, things will surely change!

So, A mammoth of thanks to you too :)


  1. :P abg emil ingt psl awek dulu.. :D

    woah u really are happy :D